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The mission of ANHD is to build community power to win affordable housing and thriving, equitable neighborhoods for all New Yorkers.

As a coalition of community groups across New York City, we use research, advocacy, and grassroots organizing to support our members in their work to build equity and justice in their neighborhoods and citywide.

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June 15, 2022
Mayor Eric Adams' Housing Our Neighbors
We are thrilled that after years of ANHD-led advocacy, the Adams Administration has finally moved New York City away from the problematic affordable housing unit count goals of past housing plans. That metric led to a focus on so-called affordable housing solutions that simply chased after numbers instead of prioritizing the needs of struggling New Yorkers. Instead, we should be focusing on the outcomes our communities need – outcomes like ending homelessness, preventing displacement, eliminating rent burdens, and ensuring safe, healthy housing for all. In order to accomplish those goals, we need to look holistically at the full housing landscape in NYC, and we applaud the Administration for incorporating the full spectrum of housing, from homelessness to NYCHA to tenant protections to homeownership in the Housing Our Neighbors blueprint.
March 28, 2022
421-a is Not an Affordable Housing Program
The 421-a tax exemption, which has subsidized luxury housing development for decades, is currently set to sunset this year. Governor Hochul’s proposed replacement (485-w) proposal is a sugar-coated version of 421-a that is ultimately still a massive giveaway to luxury developers - not an affordable housing program. As we enter the final week of negotiations around the New York State budget, ANHD explores why we need to reject 485-w, let 421-a expire, and instead focus funding and policy on true affordable housing programs.

@ANHD RT @FACbrooklyn: We welcomed @NYCHousing staff for a tour of our recently completed Sunset Park Library Project! This development replaces…

@ANHD RT @CVHaction: This Happy #Pride. 7/7 https://t.co/D576asJcvl

@ANHD RT @CVHPower: Happening tonight! A dynamic and informative discussion on Housing Black Women. Featuring @AnaMariaforNY @DelseniaTN @juanit

@ANHD RT @barikaXw: This is what we doing NYC? *Still* exiting a global pandemic. With skyrocketing inflation. And a recession right around th…

@ANHD RT @Gothamist: Roughly 2.4 million New York City tenants will face the biggest rent hikes they’ve seen in nearly a decade. https://t.co/bqK

@ANHD It is unacceptable that tenants are being denied their #RightToCounsel in NYC bc evictions are moving so fast there aren’t enough attorneys. @NYSCourtsNews can and must #SlowDownCases! #DefendRTC https://t.co/5ltYYhOsgV

@ANHD New Event : Sustainability Incentives Open House on Wed., June 29. Register: https://t.co/vtLtZoa2zG In the training, we will: walk you through the process evaluate your building portfolio ensure your buildings qualify understand your goal with these upgrades https://t.co/jG7UgnalEF

@ANHD It is unacceptable that tenants are being denied their #RightToCounsel in NYC because evictions are moving so fast there aren’t enough attorneys. @NYSCourtsNews can and must #SlowDownCases! #DefendRTC https://t.co/AxMwBTaIru

@ANHD We are deeply disappointed that the #RentGuidelinesBoard increased rents for stabilized tenants 3.25-5% this year. This will push many out of their homes and is inconsistent with the stated goals of the @NYCMayor housing plan.

@ANHD RT @openheartsnyc: These are the stakes of tonight's Rent Guidelines Board vote. We've seen up close how sky-high rents have pushed many NY…

@ANHD Thanks @BronxnetTV for the opportunity to talk about our work, #gentrification in New York City, and so much. "So often the housing that is being built doesn't actually serve the people of New York City who need housing." Watch the full segment here https://t.co/9lIDlRdJwr https://t.co/IO32Nzc9yf

@ANHD Median rent stabilized household income: $47,000 Median rent for stabilized apts: $1,400 Vacancy rate for apts < $1,500/month: .86-.93% Rent stabilized tenants cannot afford 4-6% increases. KEEP TENANTS HOUSED! #RentGuidelinesBoard @NYCMayor @RentJustice @Met_Council

@ANHD @NYCHA is one of the most important public resources #NYC has, and public housing residents deserve the same right to safe, healthy housing as everyone else. Including NYCHA in the Blueprint is progress toward recognizing that reality. #RightToARoof https://t.co/M27orzxUa8

@ANHD Many priorities in @NYCMayor’s housing plan reflect years of advocacy by ANHD and partners. We will continue to advocate for the policies funding needed to achieve concrete improvements in our communities. #RightToARoof

@ANHD RT @CVHPower: Join us Thursday, 6/23, at 7pm for Housing Black Women! A discussion on the impact of housing policy on Black women in NY St…

@ANHD Good to see the Mayor’s Housing Blueprint emphasize that HOMELESSNESS is a HOUSING issue—we couldn’t agree more. Ending homelessness will require more $$$ in deeply affordable housing, organizing & legal support for tenants facing harassment, displacement + eviction.#RighttoaRoof https://t.co/BJPM9qWvNv

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