Alex Fennell
Senior Political Organizer

Alex Fennell (she/they) is ANHD's Senior Political Organizer. Through relationship building with tenants, advocates, and community-based organizations throughout New York City, they work to build power and win policy changes to keep tenants in safe, healthy homes and advance legislation and land use policies that address housing justice as racial justice and promote equity in decision making and resource allocation. They are also responsible for leading and coordinating ANHD's Coalition Against Tenant Harassment. When they are not working, you can find them iin the kitchen, recording a ridiculous podcast about the race and politics of food and the hospitality industry (where they have 10 years of experience), or practicing rest as resistance.

Alex Fennell's News and Content

September 13, 2021
CATHnyc’s Research Shows Oversight of Tenant Harassment is Insufficient
March 4, 2021
Relief Has Been Insufficient to Cover Costs, Even for Households Who Qualify